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Youth Exposing Satan for Jesus Christ is an information resource for the occult and cult related topics such as: Satanism, witchcraft, new age, blood sacrifice, occult practices, supernatural, music, One Nation Under God, political opinion.

This is your information source on GOD'S POWER to defeat Satan at his own game, be informed and get involved with Our Christian Community.




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About Us:
All our volunteers attend various churches around the state. We come together to operate a booth at the Alaska State Fair. In 1990, the first year we put up the booth, talking to our neighbors about cults. By cultism we mean the adherence to doctrines which are pointedly contradictory to orthodox Christianity. But our purpose is to provide information and resources to God's people, and to share God's word with the unsaved community (using every means available).

Introducing GOD'S OPINION Back Into The Public Forum:
This website is a resource for information on waging war on the kingdom of darkness. To know your enemy is important in war. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


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An Information Hotline Is Set Up
For Questions Concerning God's View On:

Who would you BELIEVE?
SatanThe Character of Satan cross The Character of Christ Jesus
Father of Lies
....... Revelations 12:9
....... John 8:44
....... I Peter 5:8
....... Luke 1:35
....... Philippians 2:8
....... Luke 23:34


Mission Statement:
 This group was organized to heighten community awareness of the dangers of Satanism and other cult / occult practices to the adults, children and adolescents of our Mat-Su Valley and beyond. Y.E.S. has an information help line to answer any questions about these topics. We are maintaining a referral network of churches and individuals who make themselves available to counsel and share personal testimony to those in need. Many of our referrals are presently working in the field of mental health and social work.

Our members encourage one another to fight the spiritual battle by faith, through individual and group Bible study, prayer and discipleship training with the goal of living a strong and witnessing life of faith and obedience to the teaching and model of Christian life provided in the Bible by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Accomplishments, Goals and Plans:
Since 1990 Y.E.S. has operated a booth at the Alaska State Fair that communicated by means of books, t-shirts, and music and personally witnessed to those at the fair. We help to provide a means to evangelize to our Christian youth.

We have sponsored prayer groups in our local High Schools. These meetings were facilitated by adult members of Y.E.S. We are currently attempting to fund this outreach as the cost of renting space has gone up.

Y.E.S. For Christ also sponsors Prayer Against the Adversary, on October 31 at our local mall. Y.E.S. strongly encourages it's members to support and be active in their own Church programs, and in no way seeks to lead any of our members to leave one Church for another or to join any particular denomination.

Y.E.S.' primary goals are to be a resource of information on all aspects of cult awareness as well as provide counseling referrals to anyone who may seek them. We conduct bi-weekly Bible study, prayer and fellowship meetings. Y.E.S. is always looking for new ways to become more effective in our community as well as our ministry. We invite your involvement, prayers and support in our efforts. You can call our prayer and counseling line at the Y.E.S. office at (907) 373-6373.

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Prayers are the most important part of this ministry and are taken and received daily. Community Bulletin Board Information is available by contacting:

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